Wedding Rentals Burbank, CA

Planning a wedding in Burbank and interested in a wedding rental company to provide wedding chairs and wedding tables? We are International Rentals and we provide an assortment of different tables, chairs, and wedding furniture for rent in Burbank. We provide our wedding rentals for wedding venue halls, for wedding planners, and for the lucky bride and groom that are getting married. We provide delivery and pickups at our Northridge headquarters. Get our catalog and compare our prices with other rentals in the area.

Wedding Venues In Burbank, CA

Arbat Banquet Hall In Burbank, Ca

Arbat Banquet Hall is one of the oldest and most prestige banquet halls for weddings in Burbank. International Rentals offers our selection of gold, acrylic and silver chairs and tables for Arbat Weddings. We provide delivery and pick up services for those planning their wedding at Arbat.

Ritz Celebration In Burbank, CA

Are you planning your wedding at the Ritz Celebration in Burbank, CA? International Rentals is your full-service rental company for wedding furniture, tables, and chairs. We make planning and hosting events at your home or banquet hall easy by offering our wedding rentals and providing delivery too. Get prices for our tables, chairs and any other additional rentals you need for your home. Check out our wedding rentals in Burbank, CA.

Wedding Rental Reviews For Burbank Residents

"We hired International Rentals for our wedding and used their gold chairs and tables for our special day. We loved how easy they made the rental process. We did not have to follow up much. They delivered and pick up quickly and there were no hidden fees. Thank you!" - Michelle T. Burbank, CA

"International Rentals made our wedding hall look so beautiful with their acrylic chairs and tables. We appreciate your hard work and all that you have done for our wedding. Our pictures look fabulous" - Anna H. Burbank, CA

"We regularly use International Rentals for our wedding planning business and noticed how much better their prices are compared to other more popular brands. Always clean after themselves and punctual." - Yolanda Burbank, CA