Wedding Rentals Glendale, CA

Planning a wedding, engagement, birthday or even company outing can be challenging. International Rentals can help you make the rental part of hosting a breeze. Our event planners can help you select beautiful rental chairs, rental tables, and other furniture to make your event unforgettable. Our event planners are precision experts, planning all types of events in Glendale, CA. We specialize in Armenian weddings, engagements, baby welcome, baby shower, Birthday Events and more.

Rental Chairs and Tables for Banquet Halls in Glendale, CA

International Rentals provides party supplies and rental equipment in Glendale, CA. We are fully licensed and insured to meet the requirements of banquet halls and hotels all over Glendale. We provide delivery and assembling of our rental chairs and rental tables. High quality tables and chairs can make your guests feel comfortable and your pictures look great. Our rentals have been seen at..

Palladio Banquet Hall

Palladio Banquet Hall is one of the best banquet halls for large weddings in Glendale, CA. The hall itself is customizable, and large enough to host over 400 guests. Luxury chairs and tables can turn this classic banquet hall even more luxurious. A perfect choice for weddings and larger events in Glendale.  

Impressions Banquet Hall

Impressions Banquet Hall is a newer and more cozy approach to event hosting in Glendale, CA. Impressions Hall is great for events with 200 – 300 guests. Our premium rental tables and chairs can turn your ordinary event at Impressions into a talked about event for years to come.

Royal Palace Banquet Hall

Royal Palace Banquet hall is a popular choice due to its location, and flashy lights. Located at the heart of Glendale, CA on Brand blvd, it is an obvious choice for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and other life changing moments. Royal Palace Banquet Hall can host up to 400 guests and its spacious layout makes it ready for our rentals. Our rentals chairs and tables can make your special event unique by offering what no other rental company, or banquet hall can provide in Glendale.

Renaissance Banquet Hall

Interested in a classic Renaissance banquet hall? We have hosted hundreds of events at Renaissance Hall in Glendale, CA. One of our top choice for wedding and engagements, Renaissance Banquet Hall compliments our rental equipment with best in class service. Reserve your banquet hall and call us to see which styles are available for your special event.

Why International Rentals?

International Rentals is all about customer service and ensuring your special day runs smoothly. We take care of the assembly and work with your wedding event planner to ensure the right amount of supplies are delivered and properly assembled in your venue of choice. We work with all major venues and coordinate accordingly once an order is placed. We do charge a small fee for delivery and arrangement. Costs depend on the size of the event and amount of rentals.